Anton & Natasha

“Anton and Natasha are in search of the meaning of life” – a joint project of the “Beautiful Flowers” theater and the “Oil” theater. What is the meaning of life? In material values ​​or spiritual? In self-development? In travel and emotions? Or in the family, children and love? “Beautiful Flowers” theater and the “OIL” theater represent a joint project – the show-performance “Anton and Natasha are in search of the meaning of life”, in which there will be made and attempt to understand this phenomenon of the meaning of life via creativity, humor and philosophizing.

The center of attention is the couple Anton and Natasha. After several years of marriage, they suddenly raise the question of the meaning of their existence. This moment becomes a starting point for an exciting bike ride. The ride to the search of the life’s meaning.

On the way they meet people from a different social strata, with different thinking and worldview. A wise man, a businessman, a simple worker, an actor, a cashier, bandits and random passers-by are help them to find an answer to the question “what is the meaning of life?” Each of them becomes an important fragment in understanding the main question.

What is the meaning of life? Does it exist? We will try to reveal its diversity through this pseudo-philosophical comic about the life of Anton and Natasha. And parallel to their history, we will try to understand the nature of the theater itself, with its structure, rules and myths.

The play is based on real events and is the most effective guide to understanding the meaning of life.


Kharkov will speak for the first time about the war from the theater scene. The joint theatrical project of the public organization “The line of consent” and the “Beautiful Flowers” theater – the “DPU” performance – will be, as far as possible, documentary .The real stories from the war area will be told in it. Veterans of ATO will share their experience of life before the war, during the war and after it. The actors of the theater themselves will return to the lesson the school pre-conscription training lesson  of young men (DPU) in order to find the sources of what happened and is happening to us.

The project is carried out by the “Line of consent” special department with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within the framework of the Ukrainian Initiative for Increasing Confidence (UCBI — Ukrainian initiative of public confidence strength).


The “365” performance is a joint project of KhNATOB and the “Beautiful Flowers” theater.

You will enjoy first in Ukraine and one of few world projects, combining   harmonic music composition of Antonio Vivaldi and Astor Piazzolla with a modern theatre.

The plot is based on the story of a girl who breaks away from the parental nest and learns all the joys and burdens of independent life. She passes a series of difficulties along the way to her happiness and involuntarily observes the picture of the life of today’s society.

The “365” performance will speak with the viewer in a modern language and on current topics. Combining the elements of grotesque and satire, the performance will touch upon universal problems, where every spectator will be able to see the reflection of his everyday life. “Seasons” by A. Vivaldi and A. Piazzolla in the performance of the chamber orchestra will become the leitmotif of the life of ordinary people, with their fears, illusions, phobias and disappointments. The most pressing themes of society and just of an individual will be revealed in the proprietary wordless genre of “Beautiful Flowers” through the prism of surrealism.

Solo on the violin, as well as one of the roles in the performance will be performed by a KhNATOB orchestra artist, a graduate of Kotlyarevski KNUI., winner of many international competitions —

Olga Malka.

The conductor and musical director of the project Yuri Yakovenko is one of the most professional and creative musicians of our city.


The “Room show” was first shown at the festival “Saltovskaya Spring 2016”, as a children’s program, made from the old, new and unreleased material of the “Beautiful Flowers” theater. Then, according to numerous requests, the show was played once again in the House of Actor for children and adults.
This is a comedy show that takes place in a room between three friends. They constantly put themselves in various absurd situations and immediately try to find a way out of them, sometimes in the most unexpected way. There are transformations, duels, and chases. There is an invisible man, a man with a fish head and even a man who is actually a robot.

SEX 2005

SEX 2005

The “SEX 2005” is the performance- exploration of the interaction between male and female. Here you’ll become a witnesses of the formation of a couple from a quivering meeting to a desperate end. One story, played two times, two different views, two different ways of communication, two different ends. We ask the question: is it possible not only to stay together, but also to allow oneself to be happy in a modern world?

This performance is accompanied by a guitar.

Man- Artem Vusik

Woman-Oksana Cherkashyna

Older man-Vladimir Borisenko

Older woman-Irina Kobzar

Musician-Stas Kononov.

Booking : +38 067 495 46 30, Victoria



The “DRACULA” is an open anatomy theatre of thriller, grotesque, action movie, comedy and even lyrical drama. The performance is based on the work of the Brem Stoker work.

The ancient vampire Dracula stays for many years alone in his castle in Transylvania. A young lawyer, Jonathan Harker, goes to him from London to sell real estate. During the dinner, Dracula notices a photo of Harker’s wife, Mina, and his passion and desire to catch her is inflamed. The vampire sets off after her, leaving Harker in captivity of his vampire brides.

Meanwhile, Dr. Van Helsing explores the rare disease of his insane patient, Mr. Renfield, who feels the approach of darkness and danger in the city in a London hospital for the mentally ill.

Dracula arrives in London and goes to a party at the Mina’s best friend, Lucy house. She becomes his first victim.

Dr. Van Helsing, who was bitten by a vampire in the past and has been struggling with his dark side for many years, begins an investigation and then the hunt on Dracula …

Sergey Babkin – Count Dracula
Igor Kluchnik – Jonathan Harker, lawyer
Snezhana Babkina – Mina, Harker’s fiancee, Lucy’s best friend
Oksana Cherkashyna – Lucy, a young lady from a wealthy family, Mina’s closest friend
Denis Chmelev – dr. Van Helsing, was bitten by Dracula in the past
Artem Vusik – mister Renfield, demented man, Van Helsing’s patient


This is a satiric performance, touching on various social topics: the thirst for power and money, dependence on television, social networks and bad habits.

The story begins with a meeting of three friends who turn on the television and enter the world, which today’s reality offers to us, with its values ​​and stereotypes. Through the flow of dynamic scenes in which the heroes fell and dissolved, “FAT” satirizes the ignorance and lack of spirituality, speaks about the inconstancy of love and the transience of life, about unnecessary things and activities of modern society. In all this information flow, which is so difficult to filter today, the main goal is not to lose pesent ourselves, which comes to be impossible for the heroes of the play at the end.

“FAT” is based on its own unique dramaturgy and contains the comedy plastic sketches with audio effects that have already become the hallmark of the theater.


  1. TV.
  2. The cartoon.
  3. Political show.
  4. A love story.
  5. The Invisible Man.
  6. Talk show «Doors».
  7. Thugs.
  8. Cigarettes advertisement.
  9. Coocking show.
  10. Sketch “Bird”.
  11. Documentary story from the Slavik’s life.
  12. Life path.
  13. Final.




This time the “Beautiful flowers” theatre deals with one of the eternal themes-love theme.

You will follow the story of three men and everything, what happens to their long-standing world, when the wave of woman strength and beauty enters it. This is a story of all-consuming love with all its consequences. Here you will see how you can literally drown in feelings and doubts, what you can sacrifice in order to get a woman’s heart, and what cockroaches that live in our head can tell you about. The performance is based on symbols and metaphors, and also contains humor and self-irony.

The main question that RED raises is the question of the possibility of avoiding or preventing love feelings and passion from falling into the abyss.

We think, it’s impossible. And you?




It is a comedy detective in the absurdity and comics’ genre.

At the end of a busy day an ordinary worker becomes a witness of a gang shootout .As a result, he achieves mysterious suitcase. This item has been the main goal of two ridiculous gangsters for a long time. And now they have a new task: to find, kill and pick up the suitcase from the unfortunate guy.

In parallel, three eccentric detectives are trying to investigate the case of the assassinations involving this suitcase. Moreover, most of the time they figure things out between them and each of them is under the suspicion.

What’s in a suitcase?

What way the granny is connected with it?

Who is the betrayer?

All those things you can find out in the performance.

Three actors play at once two parallel lines: one — attempts, the second — investigation. Pleasant music, sparkling humor, a fascinating storyline and unexpected turns of events will plunge you into the atmosphere of an amazing detective story, absurd at first glance, but not really more absurd than our life.

Denis Chmelyov — a worker, Detective Smith;

Artem Vusik — the main gangster, Detective Spoon;

Igor Klyuchnik — assistant gangster, Detective Mayers.