«DRACULA» is an open anatomy theatre of thriller, grotesque, action movie, comedy and even lyrical drama.

In the scarlet kaleidoscope of Bram Stoker’s passion, you will witness the basilisk encounter of Jonathan Harker and Count Dracula, of his adventurous trip to London in search of luminous Mina.

Dive deep into the innermost universes of passionate and doomed Lucy, of Van Helsing’s tameless and incurable pain as well as the folly of Renfield, yearning in agony for reunion with his Master.

Magnificence of legend devoid of theatrical varnish.
stage director: Artem Vusyk

play cast:
Sergiy Babkin – Count Dracula
Igor Kluchnik – Jonathan Harker, lawyer
Snejana Babkina – Mina, Harker’s fiancee, Lucy’s closest friend
Oksana Cherkashina – Lucy, a young lady from a wealthy family, Mina’s closest friend
Denis Chmelev – dr. Van Helsing, was bitten by Dracula in the past
Artem Vusyk – mister Renfield, demented man, Van Helsing’s patient

producer: Artem Vusik

music / sound design: Palokio

stage designer: Olga Turutya-Prasolova

lighting designer: honoured cultural worker of Ukraine Vladimir Minakov

length: 1 hour 30 minutes

28 мая 19:00

г. Винница, Дом Офицеров,

29 мая 19:00

м. Луцьк, Волинський академічний облмуздрамтеатр ім. Т.Шевченка,

23 июля 19:00

г. Одесса, Русский театр,

24 июля 19:00

г. Одесса, Русский театр,