This time the “Beautiful flowers” theatre deals with one of the eternal themes-love theme.

You will follow the story of three men and everything, what happens to their long-standing world, when the wave of woman strength and beauty enters it. This is a story of all-consuming love with all its consequences. Here you will see how you can literally drown in feelings and doubts, what you can sacrifice in order to get a woman’s heart, and what cockroaches that live in our head can tell you about. The performance is based on symbols and metaphors, and also contains humor and self-irony.

The main question that RED raises is the question of the possibility of avoiding or preventing love feelings and passion from falling into the abyss.

We think, it’s impossible. And you?


Actors and directing:
Igor Klyuchnik
Denis Chmelyov
Artem Vusik
Oksana Cherkashyna.

Designer: Olga Turutia-Prasolova

Lighting Designer: Vladimir Minakov, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine
Sound Design: Anton Malyshev
Duration: 1 hour


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