The one and a half millionth Kharkov will speak for the first time about the war from the theater scene. The joint theatrical project of the public organization “The Line of Concord” and the theater “Beautiful Flowers” – the play “DPY” – will be, as far as possible, documentary – it will sound real stories from the war zone. Veterans of ATO will tell about their experience of life before the war, in the war and after it. The actors of the theater themselves will return to the lesson familiar to every adult for the school pre-conscription training of young men (DPY) in order to find the sources of what has happened and is happening to us.

The project is carried out by the NGO “Line of Concord” with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within the framework of the Ukrainian Initiative for Increasing Confidence (UCBI — Ukrainian initiative to strengthen public confidence).


Veteran of ATO Dmitry Galka (call sign “Ugryumy”), Kharkov.

ATO veteran Anatoly Tapolsky, known as DJ Tapolsky (before leaving for the front – the leading show of TIME2BASS on Kiss FM), Kiev.

Actors of the Theater “Beautiful Flowers” Artem Vusik, Igor Klyuchnik and Oksana Cherkashina, Kharkov.

Dima Tretyak is the leader of the group “Urbanistan”, Kharkov.

playwright of the play: Dima Levitsky

the musical accompaniment of the performance: DJ Tapolsky.

curators of the project: Natalia Palchik and Olga Ladia Shcherbakova (NGO “Line of Concord”).