This theatrical performance from Beautiful flowers theatre characterized by such wordless storytelling . It is a comedy with elements of detective, comics, absurd, that also combines mime and clowning, dance and live music.
Ordinary worker after a hard-working day find a mysterious suitcase. After that, he becomes a target for the two ridiculous bandits. The investigation is conducted by three eccentric detectives who are on the trail of a formidable mafia gang. It is tangled story with shootings, fights and chases.
What’s in the suitcase ?

How is it connected with a grandmother ?

Who is the betrayer?

You can find out everything during the performance.

Live music, sparkling humor, unexpected turns of events, all this will not leave you dissatisfied.




genre: comedy, detective comics, absurd
on stage: Artem Vusik, Igor Kliuchnyk, Denis Chmelyov
music: Nocturnum Quartet- Laureate of International competitions
costume Design: Catherine Kolsnichenko
lighting Designer: Vladimir Minakov, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine

dolls: Olga Turutya-Prasolova

running time: 1 hour