SEX 2005

SEX 2005

The “SEX 2005” is the performance- exploration of the interaction between male and female. Here you’ll become a witnesses of the formation of a couple from a quivering meeting to a desperate end. One story, played two times, two different views, two different ways of communication, two different ends. We ask the question: is it possible not only to stay together, but also to allow oneself to be happy in a modern world?

This performance is accompanied by a guitar.

Man- Artem Vusik

Woman-Oksana Cherkashyna

Older man-Vladimir Borisenko

Older woman-Irina Kobzar

Musician-Stas Kononov.

Booking : +38 067 495 46 30, Victoria

Artem Vusik
Oksana Cherkashyna
Vladimir Borisenko

Music: Stas Kononov.

Idea and direction:
Artem Vusik
Oksana Cherkashyna

Lighting designer: Alexander Chizh.

Duration: 1 hour


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