SEX 2005

“SEX 2005” is the fifth performance of the theater “Beautiful Flowers”. Performance-study on the interaction of male and female. Here you become witnesses of the formation of a couple from a quivering meeting to a desperate end. One story, two looks, different love. We ask the question: is it possible in the modern world not only to stay together, but also to allow oneself to be happy?

In this performance, “The Theater of Beautiful Flowers” experiments with music and space, going beyond the usual theatrical scene. All the action takes place in the chamber gallery to the accompaniment of the guitar.


Tickets can be purchased:

1. By phone +38 067 495 46 30, Victoria
2. In the COME IN Gallery

place:  gallery COME IN, Kharkov, st. Danilevsky 26

on stage:  Artem Vusik, Oksana Cherkashina, Irina Kobzar, Vladimir Borisenko

music: Stas Kononov

lighting designer: Alexander Chizh

length: 1 hour