The “TIME” performance

The “Beautiful Flowers” theatre is trying to work in a new format. The “TIME” performance is built on complete improvisation, where the audience themselves chose the theme and characters. Story twists and meanings are produced online. The final of the performance is completely unknown. The action took place in the cinema “BOMMER”.

Characters and performers:

Bedbug — Igor Klyuchnik

Alcoholic — Artem Vusik

Aging Boy — Sergey Babkin

SLOW MO man- Denis Chmelev

Temptress — Snezhana Babkina

The “COMMUNICATION” performance.

In the framework of the international action “Night of Museums”, our theater made a performance-improvisation on the topic of modern art and its needs for different layers of society.

The “KEEPER” performance

The “Keeper” was performed by the “Beautiful Flowers” theater at the opening of the COME IN new gallery of modern art. Any self-respecting Kharkiv citizen should definitely visit this gallery and inspire himself!

Crafty woman

On May 17, 2014 in Kharkov, within the framework of the street music day, the “Beautiful Flowers” Opera AIR Theater showed the public a small performance “Crafty woman”, was based on the “Shchuka” fable by the Ukrainian writer Leonid Glibov. The guys as always played in the funk-futurism genre.

The “Dawn” performance

The “Dawn” performance is a reflection on the topic of present and future.

This is an attempt to look further, to anticipate the approaching light and DAWN of a person and a nation.

And all is happening at incredible sunset at the height of the 10th floor building. Thanks  to Eshta Studio terrace!



The “Skin” performance

This time we touched on the topic of the outer and inner, the difference between being and man, man and woman. We talked about the matter and that it is unique.


The “Wall” Performance

Not so long ago, we were bent to experiment: at the space of the “New Place” loft our hour-lasting The“Wall” performance, built on pure improvisation took place. A sincere and frank dialogue with the audience succeeded!

“Meat pies” street performance

Street perfomance in Kharkiv «Мeat pies»:


A bit of light and goodness on the streets of Kharkov in these troubled days.



Ordinary Clockworks


This photo-project was implemented thanks to the initiative of a Lviv resident, Andriy Pasternak. Here the “Beautiful Flowers” puts oneself into the rope factory shoe. Guys are in the aesthetics of this place and inject their floral shades into it.


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