It is a comedy detective in the absurdity and comics’ genre.

At the end of a busy day an ordinary worker becomes a witness of a gang shootout .As a result, he achieves mysterious suitcase. This item has been the main goal of two ridiculous gangsters for a long time. And now they have a new task: to find, kill and pick up the suitcase from the unfortunate guy.

In parallel, three eccentric detectives are trying to investigate the case of the assassinations involving this suitcase. Moreover, most of the time they figure things out between them and each of them is under the suspicion.

What’s in a suitcase?

What way the granny is connected with it?

Who is the betrayer?

All those things you can find out in the performance.

Three actors play at once two parallel lines: one — attempts, the second — investigation. Pleasant music, sparkling humor, a fascinating storyline and unexpected turns of events will plunge you into the atmosphere of an amazing detective story, absurd at first glance, but not really more absurd than our life.

Denis Chmelyov — a worker, Detective Smith;

Artem Vusik — the main gangster, Detective Spoon;

Igor Klyuchnik — assistant gangster, Detective Mayers.

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