Anton & Natasha

“Anton and Natasha are in search of the meaning of life” – a joint project of the “Beautiful Flowers” theater and the “Oil” theater. What is the meaning of life? In material values ​​or spiritual? In self-development? In travel and emotions? Or in the family, children and love? “Beautiful Flowers” theater and the “OIL” theater represent a joint project – the show-performance “Anton and Natasha are in search of the meaning of life”, in which there will be made and attempt to understand this phenomenon of the meaning of life via creativity, humor and philosophizing.

The center of attention is the couple Anton and Natasha. After several years of marriage, they suddenly raise the question of the meaning of their existence. This moment becomes a starting point for an exciting bike ride. The ride to the search of the life’s meaning.

On the way they meet people from a different social strata, with different thinking and worldview. A wise man, a businessman, a simple worker, an actor, a cashier, bandits and random passers-by are help them to find an answer to the question “what is the meaning of life?” Each of them becomes an important fragment in understanding the main question.

What is the meaning of life? Does it exist? We will try to reveal its diversity through this pseudo-philosophical comic about the life of Anton and Natasha. And parallel to their history, we will try to understand the nature of the theater itself, with its structure, rules and myths.

The play is based on real events and is the most effective guide to understanding the meaning of life.

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